Monday, July 16, 2012

Vacation, 2012, Day Two, Part Two, Tuesday, Still AM

After my visit to Harrison Station, I took PATH to Exchange Place. First research found this a good place to fview the Hudson Bergen Light Rail. Further reasarch found this a tourist visit in itselp, with a good view of the skyline of NYC.

First the Light Rail:

Next some pictures, taken in the area, beginning with the public space. Note that public space is not always private in ownership but public in use:

Those who have followed this, know that I love skylines. NYC is the model. When I use to think of the term skyline I would think NYC. As time has set it, there are many, in almost every developing city. Here is the NYC skyline. The tall building is 1 World Trade Center, the new jewel of the skyline. I remember the twin towers, this has a bit more style. There is one showing the iconic Empire State Building.

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