Saturday, October 12, 2013

End of Day Two

After leaving Cass, I went north. First to Durbiin, WVA. There is a scenic Railroad that operated out of there. Years ago, the rails went from Cass to Durbin. During those railfan weekends, there would be a Durbin run. Since then, the rails have been washed out. Unfortunatedly the excursion was not operating on the days I might be there. The same was true on my next stop, Elkins. Both trains are operated by the same person.

I finally took my evening stop in Morgantown, WV. The University of WVA has a people mover in Morgantown. Due to the time of year, and the nature of the people mover, I did not expect to see it running. I did get picture of it in downtown. There is a parking deck that overlooks one of the station stops.

Too bad  I could not get video of it operating.

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