Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day Two, First Stop, Cass

My drove to Cass was relatively eventful. I did miss on turn and ended up a few miles off course. First stop as Cass was the parking lot and getting myself orientated. This was not my first visit to Cass. My first visit was way back in 1973. I was in college and had just begun to model railroad. One of my friends was a modeller and told me about Cass. I was living in Williamsburg VA at the time and going to Virginia Tech. That September, I took a swing by Cass, on my way to school. I got pictures and rode to the bald knob, froze to death during the ride. I returned to Cass in April, 1982. A group off friends, including the one that told me about Cass in the first place, decided to take off for the Cass Railfan weekend. That was a hoot an a half. 10 half drunk guys spanning....OK not all of us were drunk, but is was fun watching us camp, as well. That weekend was the first revenue run of the Western Maryland Shay 6 There was another trip to Cass, but it had been almost 30 years since my last encounter of Cass.
Two things were first on the agenda. I wanted to check on the railroad crossing for parking and viability. I has an hour before the first run. I also wanted to check out the old company store, now a souvenir store and restaurant. I got some still pictures, found the best crossing and setup in the parking lot furthest from the station.

First up is Cass 4 pushing a trip to Whitaker Station, about a two hour trip, round trip. I caught it just out of the station, once at the crossing and as it returned to the station:

Finally, While waiting for the return, I caught video of Western Maryland 6 on its beginning and at the crossing. I had seen the first revenue run of this engine back in 1982, at the Railfan Weekend. Nice to see it again.

I got some pictures of the shops and the ruins of the old mill.

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