Monday, September 30, 2013

Day One, 2013 Vacation

My first objective on this vacation is to see Cass Scenic Railroad, in Cass, WVa. Options include a complete drive to Cass. This is over 6 hours of driving, in one day. If there were a good place to stay, that might be good. Google maps did not give a good place. Those that looked like possibilities were a little iffy in quality. I tool a different option and went as far as Covington, Va. And find an nice place to spend the night. I would have around and hour drive on day two. I had too much time that afternoon so I I drove downtown to see what I could see. I took another drive into Clifton Forge that would be better for train watching.
I drove past the C& O Heritage center. I stopped but it was after hours, so I took a few still pictures of what I could, from the parking lot.

As I stood there a young man walked up and he offered to let me enter, even thought it was after hours. I did not want to keep him but we did talk for more than an hour. On my way back to the motel I did take on video of a CSX freight, Westbound.
Over all, a good decision to stay here before heading for WVA.

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