Monday, November 18, 2013

Beckley and the New River Gap, part 1

It was in the after noon that I toured While company store. That was originally a part of this days touring so. I got an early start on the major views around Beckley. My first objective for this day, was to go to the small town of Prince, WVA. I began my time in the New River gorge. First, I drove to Prince, WVA. Prince has the distinction of having the last C&O Train station, ever built. It is amazing in its modern look. In the floor is a mosaic of chassis, one of two cats that became C&O's symbols, Chessie and Peake. The grand scene at one end of the building, was meant to be changed from time to time but, never was.

My morning was highlighted by the Eastbound Cardinal that arrive a bit late.

And a morning freight

More views of the town, including this store front, an old company store, I think.
I made another side trip up the gorge to Thurmond. That evening I returned to Prince to see the southbound cardinal.

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