Monday, December 23, 2013

Thurman's and new river gorge part 2

After seeing the Amtrak, I drove to Thurmond. It was an active place, at one time. They beautiful station has been restored an manned by the park service.

The remainder of the town has likewise been maintained by the park service.

Some years ago the movie Matawan was filmed here.
The town of Matawan has been updated too much since the time of the coal strike that occurred there. It is still an active RR junction. Amtrak stops here, and numerous CSX freights. The Coleman RR meets here with CSX. This CSX led train is a Coleman local.

Returning to Prince for the westbound capitol. Limited, I followed the Colman and found these pictures of the equipment at rest.

Throughout the day, I crossed the new river and took pictures.
Than there was the coal camp at Glenn Jean. This was the bank of Glenn Jean.

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