Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Xmas Train Trip, the Plans.

Even as I still have pictures and video ready to post in this blog, I began planning for Xmas. Of course, I will spend time with family. No trains, here. I spend the day or two, before New Years, visiting old friends and hangouts in Richmond, Va. I could, and have taken a day trip, using Richmond as anchor. As I plan, I explored various option. The best options would be north.

Washington DC would be reasonable choice. Watching trains in DC or Alexandria would be good. I would see the VRE (Virginia Commuter Rail), In DC and out to New Carrollton, I could see North East Corridor trains under electric, Amtrak, Acela express, and Maryland commuter rail. Up to Springfield, MD would give Commuter with diesel.

An examination at other plans make this option the least favored. Although a good day-trip it would  be better on a stopover.

Another destination would be Baltimore MD. A direct train will go into Baltimore. For fun, l might transfer to Acela  in DC,stop at BWI. From BWI my trip would be by commuter rail into Penn station, Light rail to Camden station and return to DC  via commuter rail out of Camden. I might take the VRE to Fredericksburg and than back to Richmond on Amtrak. Of course trains would be watched at each transfer point.

Camden is only 20 minutes, walking distance from the B & O Railroad Museum. It would be a shame to be that close an not see that. A look at the possible timing with such excursion makes that difficult. A stop by the museum would not give me any real time. My final plan was a direct to Penn station, and light rail with a walk to the museum. Than return watch light rail for about 30 minutes an than back to Penn station and to Richmond.

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