Friday, July 25, 2014

Planning Vacation, part 6b

When it comes to railfanning, I am as much a sportsman as anything. There is nothing more thrilling than the train chase. Even when I go and stand beside the tracks, waiting for a train to pass, it is a form of chase. In fact, most railfan excursions have all the elements of hunting. We have targets to hip, trains to see. Very often it is watch here and get to another place to watch there.

I have other interest, as well. I do pay attention to "Public Art:" Sculpture, painting, architecture, public space layout, and (yes) graffiti. When I see it on vacation, I will take pictures and will talk about it in this blog. I guess, in a sense the rock sculpture of Stone Mountain is public art, although I am ashamed of the subject matter.

Stone mountain has the sky ride which I find interesting and the high view. In one picture file on my computer is the category :High view at Cass. View of scenery over the valley and mountains of WVA (from nearly 35 years ago.) Remember the view of Pittsburg from the mountain or the view of Boston from the Prudential Tower.

Of course, there is my love of Skylines, cityscapes. In this way the top of Stone Mountain will give the high view and a high view of the skyline of Atlanta (so I am told). And of course there is the Stone Mountain Railroad.

I have done more detail planning, such as my time spent in Chattanooga. Most is centered around how best to get the most of my time, more than a real detail plann.

(to be continued)

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