Tuesday, December 30, 2014

First Days

My Christmas time began as always, with visit with family. Christmas eve until Sat. after. My tradition is to return to Richmond, VA to commune with my home church. I stay until Jan. 1 enjoying new years eve with old friends.

Following Church, I went to lunch with an old friend. She had to work that evening so I drove to one of my favorite watching site, Hermitage Rd. crossing the CSX.  When I lived in Richmond, 25 years ago, it wasn't my favorite. I don't think that I thought much about watching that site. For one thing, it is within view of the Staples Mill Station.

When I lived in Richmond, I loved the RF&P Shops. It was a fascinating shop in the pre merger and early merger days. You had every kind of paint. RFP, SCL, ACL, B&O, C&O, all together. It was also before the loss of the caboose and you had the caboose line, to view. Now it is all CSX. I did go over to Fulton, but that is gone these days. My favorite crossings were at Mountain RD or Laural. but today there is no place to park.

I arrived, to find that Silver Star more than 2 hours late. I was just leaving the station and I did not get to set up, to video. Almost behind it, the NE Regional arrived. I did get in position in time. I got to the Hermitage Rd crossing only a few minutes later,

On the heels of Amtrak, or rather shortly after came a southbound Pig train.

EOD (end of {trainwatching} day)

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