Tuesday, December 23, 2014

More Planning

It took a bit of speculation and adjusting to get the best itinerary for DC. By the time I get to Washington, all VRE have run and only a few run until evening. The same is true of Silver Spring MD, all the outbound are evening and all inbound morning, before I can arrive. So here is the plan. Arrive via northeast regional into Alexandria. I will only see a couple of VRE trains and a couple of Amtrak.

After a couple of hours, I will take the DC Metro to New New Carrolton, station where I get MARC and Amtrak, under wires. I will see some Accelas, as well. Back into DC and a couple of hours for watching the new streetcars. Well, that is if they are running. Than the remainder of the afternoon to Silver Spring to watch the diesel MARC and one Amtrak. Now for Richmond. VRE to Fredericksburg and Amtrak to Richmond. So all told, I will ride MARC both under wires and diesal, Amtrak, and even VRE. A long day but should be worth it.

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