Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Well! What about...?

A while back, I had laid out a out and back to Florida. There was on problem: to see Tampa and the Tampa airport people mover. On my trip across northern Florida I did see Tampa airport people mover and their light rail. Remember, I missed the new Sun Rail commuter rail in orlando and Jacksonville's monorail, because they did not operate on Sundays. I did a plan for hitting Jacksonville and Orlando in an out and back, day trip. And, I had done a 5 day out out and back plan for Miami. So another idea was to combine the two and make a nice vacation of it.

This would include a train to Winter Park, Fl or to Orlando, an overnight. One plan called for to ride the SunRail from Winter Park to Orlando and watch the SunRail in Orlando. I think the Winter Park would better because of schedule of the SunRail in relation to Amtrak. After only a few hours, I take Amtrak back to Jacksonville, Fl. I know that this is a bit of backtracking. It is the best way to do the trip. I would have to spend the night and take the train to Miami, the next morning. Jacksonville is great in that there is a public monorail, to watch.

The next morning I would take the train to Miami. Miami it a treasure for vacationing. There is TriRail, the commuter rail, MetroRail, a above ground subway, a people mover, downtown, and a people mover at the airport. Than there is Miami Beach. If you are into that sort of thing: there is beach watching with one sight to see is the lifeguard towers (you thought I was going to say girl watching, huh, that goes without saying, for the others there is the guy watching, of course). A ride up or down the street shows all the Miami Art Deco Hotels. OK I like interesting buildings in addition to skylines and high views and public art.

After all that another night is spent in Miami and back to home, via Amtrak on a 24 hour train ride. In my planning, I thought about going north a stop or two or three. Instead of boarding at 10 pm, I might board at 9 or 8, a good time to settle in. The return would mean an hour or two later on arrival, rather than 7. that would give a good chance to awake, breakfast, before getting home.

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