Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Maybe Not!

I am still interested in New England. But alternatives would be to do an extended out and back, Train chase. I have put together a number, more or less projects that may or may not be done. Most range between 3 days to 5 days, door to door. If you recall, I did one of these to Boston a couple of years ago.

One of the neatest started as an out and back to Chicago, watch and return. It was one day out, one day watching, and one day return. After I decided not to see Memphis TN on my vacation a couple of years ago, I added it to the Chicago trip. It became one day to Chicago, watch one day, overnight to Memphis and watch for the day, overnight back to Chicago and watch another day (train schedules meant this extra day), than overnight back to Washington and rest of the day home. That three day out and back ended up being five days. I would take two days in Chicago and take in something other than trains.

As I thought about it, I might add to that, perhaps a Washington to Atlanta to see the new streetcars. This would work out good as the Star arrives in Washington only 45 minutes before the Capitol Limited leaves for Chicago, too close for comfort. So the Atlanta leg would be before the Chicago leg. Coming back to DC would arrive with plenty of time before leaving for Chicago.

Another option is a combining the Boston trip with Chicago, taking the overnight Northeast Regional from DC than take the Lake Shore Limited to Chicago. Unless I spent the day and night in Boston, I would not have time to do much in Boston.

The final form sounds interesting. Instead of Washington, DC, to on to Philadelphia. From Philadelphia, take the Pennsylvanian to Pittsburgh where I change for the Capitol Limited to go into Chicago. This leg grew out of my want to see Horseshoe Curve. The Pennsylvanian,s route does take it through the curve in daylight. Pittsburgh may not be at a good time but that is ok. The layover in Philadelphia is tight so the best thing to do is to spend the night in Philadelphia, both going and coming. That would give me plenty of time to sightsee. Philadelphia is a railfan's dream. Streetcars and light rail are numerous.

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