Friday, January 2, 2015

Out and Back, part 2, Alexandria, Cont.

According to my schedule, if the train is on time I have a couple of minutes to get ready to view the southbound Southeast Regional 67. But, as it were, we were about 10 minutes late. There will be 4 VRE scheduled trains, all northbound, in this first hour.

 As I was checking my notes of schedule work, I hear in the distance another train. This was a CSX container train:

Now it is time for the northbound Northeast Regional 174

The northbound Crescent was next on the schedule but checking the Amtrak app on my pnone, it was running late by about 15 minutes, I chose to wait to see the next Northeast Regional 84 than I would decide to wait or not for the Crescent.

After the Regional came, the Crescent was too much delayed, so I started to my next destination: New Carrollton, MD. In one scenario, it was this last Regional would let me cross town. But this scheme had me take the Metro, a little quicker.

Before I go, I did take a video of the Masonic Lodge in Alexandria. You can see this for miles, coming to town on Amtrak.

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