Friday, January 23, 2015

But wait!!!!! There's more!

But wait!!!!! There's more!

This trip from Williamsburg, VA (where I lived and worked in 1978) to Mystic began with the Chessie Steam Special from Richmond to Balcony Falls, along the James River. This was the second year of the Specials. I missed the first.

I spent the night in Northern Virginia, near Washington, DC, with my parent, before heading north, the next day. I took went via the Tappen Zee Bridge, accross Connecticut to Mystic, Seaport, that night.

I was younger and would drive for hours without a break. I did stop for gas before getting into the NYC traffic. I was cruising across Connecticut and was a couple of hours inside CT when I decided to stop, take a break, and get my bearings. I was past New Haven. I came off the interstate and stopped by a McDonald's. I looked at my map and to my surprise, Mystic was the very next exit. I decided that I would sleep in the car for the night. I soon abandoned the ideas and looked for a motel.

Back them, I did not know what was what as to trains,in New England and New York. The first thing it the current work of the MTA. Metro North RR, Long Island RR, and Staton Island RR. Now, I do. First thing I notice is crossing the Tappen Zee, I cross he Hudson Line of Metro North. I could stop and watch on the northbound segment or wait until the return home. After analysis, I decide one the north

When planning a trip, I lay out possible Itenerary in table format in HTML. HTML allows for doing things that other apps will not allow, such as table in table. I will lay out train time in this table format. These can be colored to indicate service, such as red for Amtrak. In the example below, I insert the shedule table into an overall table:s

Day 2
Emmorton Park Rd, Edgewood, MD (Baltimore, MD) to Tarrytown NY 3:59 (9:00-2:00)
       Tarrrytown NT
8:54n( 69) 9:01s 9:05s(252) 10:08s(236) 9:11 n 9:12s
9:20n 9:43s 9:41n 10:01s 10:11n 10:12s
10:20n 10:39n 10:43s 10:51n(281) 11:01s 11:11n
11:12s 11:20n 11:55n(233) 12:01s 12:05st(280) 12:11n
12:12s 12:20n 12:39n 12:43s 1:01s 1:06s(290)
1:11n 1:12s 1:20n 1:39n 1:43s 1:54n(283)
2:01s 2:06s(238) 2:11n 2:12s 2:20n 2:39n
2:43s 2:54n(235) 3:01s 3:06s(284) 3:11n 3:12s
3:20n 3:39n 3:43s 4:01s 4:11n 4:12s
4:15nt(49) 4:20n 4:39s 4:39n 5:01s 5:05s(242)
5:11n 5:12s 5:20n 5:38s(48) 5:39s 5:39n
5:48nt(237) 6:01s 6:05st(244)  5:48n(237) 6:11n 6:12s
6:20n 6:39n 6:43s 7:01s 7:11n 7:12s
7:20n 7:35s(68) 7:39n 7:43s 8:20n  
Amtrak Metro North

Edgewood, MD is the breaking point only from the prospective of planning. It happens to be a good point to break for the day. The days travel begins as above. I look at Google Maps and that their time estimation and add 10 min for each hour, to allow for slowdowns and breaks from driving. Any driving that might be around noon or 5 will call for an additional hour for mealtime. All days are schedule to begin at 9. However, I may start the day earlier and not take the prospective breaks. Subtracting the part of the schedule before I am planning to arrive and deleting those after I plan to leave leaves a prospectus. In the care of Tarrytown. I figure an hour would be a basic number to watch and according the plan below allows for 6 Metro North trains and two Amtrak Empire Service trains to video

Day 2
Emmorton Park Rd, Edgewood, MD (Baltimore, MD) to Tarrytown NY 3:59 (9:00-2:00)
       Tarrytown NY, Amtrak, Metro North (Hudson Line)
2:01s 2:06s(238) 2:11n 2:12s 2:20n 2:39n
2:43s 2:54n(235)
Amtrak 2 Metro North 6

Wait!!!!! There is more to come!

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