Saturday, January 10, 2015

Silver Spring, MD

Finally at midday, I now make my way to Silver Spring MD. Decided to take Metro back to Union Station. There, I had a little time before I took MARC from Union Staion to Silver Spring. I just happens that the only scheduled trains ran out bound to Silver Spring. So I planned to return to Union Station via Metro.

First is the MARC 891

Next is the only Amtrak through Silver Spring. The Capitol Limited, no. 29.

I don't do much video of light rail like Metro, However, Most of my train watching was adjacent to the Metro. So, I got some video of Metro in Alexrandia, VA, New Carrolton and Silver Spring.

Back to Union Station, via Metro and await the VRE south to Fredricskburg, where I will transfer to Amtrak Northeast Regional

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