Monday, January 12, 2015

Washington to Richmond

Back at Union Station, I purchased my ticket for the V.R.E. My schedule had me taking the VRE 311 to Fredericksburg, leaving DC at 6:00 and arriving in Fredericksburg at 7:30. The best connection was the Northeast Regional 85. It allowed for sufficient time to arrive and get ready for the connection. I need to recharge my phone, an ongoing problem.

What I was not aware of was the fact that Northeast Regional 93 was late, by 40 to 45 minutes. As I was settling in, a train is heard in the distance, and I though it was only a Freight but is in fact 93. It was  surprise and I did not know if 85 was early. I was told it was the regional, so I boarded. So I arrived in Richmond, a bit early.

Some thoughts

In planning and execution, this trip was good and bad. I went to New Carrolton to ride behind electrics on MARC as well as seeing them. It just happened that the electric motors were in for maintenance. On the up side I did see the new electrics on Amtrak and a Acela.

Silver Springs was a different location to watch. Alexandria was very familiar. I did get to ride V.R.E. and MARC. I did not get to see MARC under electric but got see the new electrics for Amtrak. I first started planning so I could see the Streetcar, but they were not running. But I had planed around them rather than with them. I did see one, but it was tested and too far away to video.

Over all, very worth the time, Now to plan my next outing,

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