Wednesday, January 21, 2015

First Look at New England

A few years ago, and about the time I began this blog, I took my tour of Boston. I flew to Boston, toured by mass transit and one rental car. This trip will not repeat this. My 1978 vacation to New England, included a stop at South Station but that was due to missing my exit on the Mass Pike. As in 1978, this tour will be a circle. One half of the circle will be across the coast and the return be central Mass back to Pittsvillle. I tried the northern lap, being the start but found the best to do it as I in 1978.

Besides the destinations outside of New England, my list of destinations in 1978 included Mystic Seaport, Edvaville Railroad, Plymouth Plantation, Old Sturbridge Village, Hancock Shaker Village. Beyond New England, there was a swing by Strasburg Rail Road, in central Pennsylvania (such began my swing bys as a part of vacations). In my initial plan to circuit New England, there were  some new added to the old. The question was what should I revisit those for so long ago.

Naugatuck Railroad is new site. In 1978, this scenic railroad was not in service, however, it only operates a few days a week The 2015 schedule is not out but according to last years it operates only on Tues. I just may run by to see it, not in operation, before heading on. It is a diesel operation, so I don't feel the urge to see it operating or ride.

I missed Essex Steam Train & Riverboat, for some reason. It may not have been my tourist railroad guide or I just overlooked it. According to Wikipedia, it began operations July 29, 1971. My guide may have been released before that.

Onward to Mystic Seaport. Look back to 1978, I noticed that for such a photo-op as this, I have only three pictures taken there: two Amtrak trains and the train station in Mystic. But notice, for all that I have before Mystic, In that trip it was only my first New England destination.

But wait!!!!! There's more!

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