Sunday, July 31, 2016

Next Vacation or Railfan Trip

As I mentioned before, I am revising my vacation plans for my new location. These might be railfan exclusive, meaning all railfanning trips, or might be railfan inclusive, meaning a trip that is not railfan in emphasis but does include a destination of rail interest. And finally, the exclusive railfan, involving mostly railfan but touching on other interest as well. My trip to New England was railfan inclusive. My trip to Boston, a couple of years was railfan exclusive.

If I could afford it, I would take Around the Country Tour, taking in all commuter rail, light rail, monorail, and streetcars. By my simple calculations, it would take 51 days. There would be the six corners trip, touching the six cities of Miami, Boston, Chicago, Portland, Oregon, San Diego, and New Orleans. This would take only 15 days. However, I could take a number of short trips, from Cary to Atlanta (3 day), to Boston, MA (3 day), to Florida: two trips (three and one day, including flying),  to Memphis TN, via Chicago (6 day), to New York and Metro-North (3 day), to Philadelphia (3 day). Than there are those trips that require a flight to a start city such as Fort Worth to Dallas to Austin, Portland, OR to Seattle,WA, San Diego to Los Angeles, San Francisco, or the West Coast.

Than there is my Next Vacation, plans that is railfan inclusive, but main goal is Horseshoe Curve. We will have to see what comes up.

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