Thursday, September 1, 2016

Cellphone or Camorder?

I still haven't planned my next trip. I have several, or more, planned but not confirmed which one I want to take first. There is the road trip to Horseshoe Curve, with sid trips to a couple of caverns and other sites. Or there is my overnights to Chicago and to Memphis, via Amtrak. I did talk about cameras. I use my DSLR for most vacation and railfan trips. However, around home I use my cellphone. I did use my cell phone for Rail video while downtown for a art show.

 It slowed me down in getting to the show. Thunder threatened a storm so I left early, and guess what I was delayed for another train.

I did not have my camcorder so I did use my phone. It is amazing how good the newer cellphone are. I have better control with my camcorder, however.

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