Saturday, February 25, 2017

Trip to Greensboro, NC

I talked about a trip to Greensboro, NC. I got my tickets to take the Piedmont from Cary, leaving around noon. I arrived at the station early enough to see the northbound Carolinian.

It was a bit late so my wait for the Piedmont was not that long. I did not get video of it coming into the station. Instead, I toom my video as it left Greensboro.

The Piedmont southbound arrive in Greenboro about 10 minutes before the Piedmont northbound. The platform is the best place to video it:

Of course, I am not allowed to stay on the platform, I could not sneak out to it. About a block or so from the station is a railroad crossing. That is were I stationed myself after lunch. Two trains came through, a MOW train and a container freight,

My phone needed charging so I went back to the station. I missed two more freights. That is what I get for forgetting my relacement battery. Besides my energy had given out.

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