Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Local Wathcing

I still haven't finished my planning for a spring trip. I like the idea of Atlanta, GA, trip. I am taking a break to enhance a plan for trips to Florida. I had two done, one, to Orlando and Jacksonville (north Florida) and one to Miami, with flying to Miami. The trip from Orlando to Miami require another daylight and arriving in the evening. I am working on a merger of the two to make a longer Florida trip. Also, I am working the Miami trip to be all train.

I thought about the parks and other things in my area and did some daytrips to the park. One favorite was Pullen Park in Raleigh, NC it is more has a amusement section containing a merry go round and a train.

I did go down to New Hope Valley RR for the last run of steam engine # 17 before being rebuilt

I will take the trip to Atlanta but in April, as projected. In the meanwhile, I have done some train watching, close and hand and cleaning up my videos files (renaming them to be consistent with each other).

I do have a trip planned by train to Greensboro, NC just to watch trains. Greensboro is where two NS line come together.

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