Thursday, January 19, 2017

Next Vacation, 2017

I got home from my Christmas doings. I did not have as many videos to edit and got them done in short enough order. I have been looking at next trip. OK, it is not that daunting. I had, during my many boring moments and my many obsessed hours, worked through many possibilities.
Two stand out and have been toyed with further. My desired routine would be a long trip in summer and a shorter one in spring and another shorter trip in the fall. I spend new years in Richmond with a day trip from there.

I went back to my overnight to Atlanta. I corrected it, but added some revisions. One revision, was to combine that Trip with my Memphis via Chicago trip, with a stop in New Orleans. It did not appear to be worth it. The Memphis trip begins with  overnight to Chicago, day in Chicago overnight to Memphis, day in Memphis, overnight back to Chicago, day in Chicago, overnight back to Washington. Memphis has a hanging monorail, one.of the few in America. There is much in Chicago to see and video. It is worth two days of watching, to take as much in as possible.

More, later.

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