Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Years Eve, Richmond, VA

Christmas is past and gone.
New Years is ready to be done.
To Richmond my car will ride.
With friends I will abide.
Trains, at last I will not ignore.
By a lonely track side, they, I will adore.

I arrived on Friday and New Years Ever, Sat. I did stop by Acca Shops, a favorite site to watch. I started watching there a long time ago with the RFP but others coming in, the CSX merged roads. Occasionally, you would see ghost lines, such as Western Maryland, C&O, B&O. Now, it all CSX. Where I go, was where the old caboose line was. Now there was mostly MOW, were the old cabooses would be.

There was a remarkable latch up that pulled out while I was there, but I got no video because they caught me off guard. I did pic of fresh paint of a new form at the beginnig f the latch up:

I had to meet a friend for lunch so, after lunch I went to favorite site, at the crossing of Hermitage Road and the CSX, just north of Staples Mill Station. I had little luck, and decide to leave. Just as I was preparing to leave a southbound freight almost caught me off guard, but here it is:

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