Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Washington, DC and Return, January 2, 2017, VRE, CSX, Amtrak

I left New Carrollton on the Metro. The orange line is a direct ride from New Carrollton (end of the line) through L'Enfant Plaza Station. The L'Enfant Plaza VRE Station is about a block from the L'Enfant Plaza Metro Station (if you are from out of town it is more like 8 blocks, with getting lost and misdirected figured in).

I entered the station and too out my plan. As I did I heard a train coming. It was the Juice Train...the Tropicana refrigerated.

In my early days of train watching there were two Juice Trains, which alternated the trip from Florida. One was orange and the other white.

Before I got my schedule out, I heard another, it was the Southbound Silver Star, coming out of Union Station. I tried to get the video and did ok but a camera glitch (ok! My mistakes), I only got part of the train.

This station is a low level station which make it good for train photography and video. However, my location was bad because of the shed. I would have done better if I was at the appoaching end of the platform so that the shed did not distract in the video.

I heard the announcement that VRE was on holiday schedule, which meant no trains were running. At least I got something, for this stop.

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