Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Washington, DC and Return, January 2, 2017, Postscript

After my experience I made my way back to Union Station. I had some time before dark, so I took one more ride on the DC Streetcar and had supper in Union. My last Streetcar video is included with the others:

Looking back over the trip, it was a worthwhile trip. I had only one video at New Carrollton, and saw three other trains (1 Accela, 2 Northeast Regionals) and did not get confronted by police. at L'Enfant Plaza Station, I did not get VRE but did get the Silver Star, some place other than Cary, NC or Richmond, VA. I do have enough MARC and VRE already taken, so no undue problem. I went to Wsashington to see the Streetcar so anything else is gravy. Besides, I got a trainride to Washington, in the bargain. I rarely get confronted by police and when I do, it becomes a good time because I handle it correctly. Now to think ahead for my next trips.

Conclusions: New Carrollton is not a good railfan location. L'Enfant Plaza Station is a very good station if you set up well.

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