Monday, January 9, 2017

Washington, DC and Return, January 2, 2017, MARC

My plans was to go see the Streetcars and than head to New Carrollton, to watch MARC, Amtrak, and Accela. I would take the 1:31 MARC north from Union Station. With a 10:56 arrival in DC, I had 2 and half hours to watch the Streetcars and have lunch before train time. I decided to get my ticket before the streetcar and found out that January 2, being Monday, was holiday schedule so I either had to leave at 12:31 or wait the 2:31, as the 1:31 did not run. I decided to play it by ear and went to the streetcars, as in my last entry.

I went to the second stop, got a video of the car coming into the sation and took a ride on the streetcar to the other end of the line, were I added to the video. I rode back to Union Station, in time for the 12:31, and decided to return, should I have time and daylight. So off the New Carrollton.

Again, Amtrak was using Sunday Schedule, so I arrived and 140 was next scheduled. Also, it was raining so I did not go to the end of the platformed where I would have a better video. I did get a video:

Because it was cold and rainy and being off my schedule, I only got one video.

This should be my last use of New Carrollton as a location to photograph trains. The situation is more of platform design. First it is a high platform. When the train reaches the platform, I can no longer see the wheel sets. My standard would have all the equipment, top to bottom. With a high platform I would go to the end of the platform. The second problem is that it is a center platform. All arriving trains use the same platform, regardless of direction. If it were two platforms, I could use the arriving end of one platform. The entire train could be seen on the other track, as well.

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