Friday, June 2, 2017

The Chase is On (part 3)

I was not hoping to get back into Roanoke ahead of the train. I took my time folding my tripod and heading out. As it was, there was a traffic jam at the intersection, resulting from the train chasers. My plan for the next day was not to chase this train but to watch trains in town, maybe go by the museum. I decided at this point, to go into town and see what time the museum would be opened. Remember that my plan was to take 611 that afternoon. I came in the same way I went out which meant going by the train station.

In arrived at the train station and 611 had not returned. Like a good railfan, I stopped and waited for the train to return. My last video of the day was the least expected, 611 return to Roanoke. After to dust had settled, I did go by the museum.

Day three arrived. I had decided to stay in Roanoke and wander around the yards, to see what I could see. First, I set myself at a good runby site for the morning run to Lynchburg. Like the day before, I stopped off for a sausage biscuit and bottle water. I was the first on site and set up in, what I saw, the most opportune place possible. Again, as time approached, others gathered, about a dozen within a city block.

I wandered around Roanoke until just before noon. I went back to the motel and walked to the station for the excursion. The next morning was one last runby before I headed home.

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