Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Chase is On (part 2)

I wasn't even going to try and catch 611, again, before arrival in Roanoke. Instead, I did some reconnoitering, before the afternoon excursion. My original plan involved chasing the train to Walton and back. I had three sites selected, one out and one back and one in both directions, which could be overlooked if time required. Here was my next change in plans. Instead of these three location, I would only try one. The two that I omitted were very popular and both had limited places to park. In one video, shows some altercations involving the property owner and railfans that were parked on her yard (something that I would not do).

I did a rehearsal run from the train station and the possible runby site, since I had time. It would be close, so I decided on an alternative. I would video the train leaving than go to that site and watch for trains, until 611 return trip. I did video the beginning of the Walton run. I did try to get to that first runby site, but got behind a pacer which slowed everyone. I pulled off to take an alternate direction, but not expecting to get there in time. I got some phone calls, which I let go to voicemail, thinking I would get back to them. But with the traffic, I pulled over and returned the calls.

I was the only person, at this location, until later. I did have someone who worked in the building, nearby, stop and ask about the train coming. Only one train came by between 2:45 and 5:30. As time approached, more people showed up. In the last few minutes the small parking spot had filled up and across the tracks, there were half a dozen more cars.

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