Saturday, May 6, 2017

Final Notes, Last Trip, Early Notes, Next and Future Tips

Looking back, the trip to Atlanta was nice, but tiring. I am looking forward to a series of chases. Much of the design features that go in one trip, go in the other. I begin with Google Maps. In chasing, I start with directions between start and finish. Consider the following map, looking at Hoffman, will what appears to be a close to road, railroad:

Of course we would need a closer look at this map. Just decrease the scale, from the "+" or "-" in to lower right corner of the map. Hoffman, on this map shows the railroad parallel the main road, if we come closer. At this point, click on screen view. You do this by looking for the orange man figure, in the lower right corner. Keeping the clicker on, you can move it to the place on the map you want to see as street view.

Clicking on the arrows forward or backwards, moves the view forward or backwards, and moving the cursor, you can scan the landscape. Here you can see a good spot to watch the train. If left to the map, alone, you might not have a good spot. The tracks could be high off the road or running through a cut. There might be more forest or bushes blocking your view of the train. But with street view you can see if it is a good location. Another thing, is locating a place to park your car. Can you just pull of the road, is there a road that could serve the purpose. In this situation, the store parking lot, across from the tracks, is ideal.

With Google Maps, you can set a series of destinations and as you play with it, move them and rearrange them. Finally, you can send them to you phone, or create a link to the map for accessing on you phone. The phone will than use these direction and let you know where to stop.

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