Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Final Notes, Public Art

I assume that, once I depart Washington, it was the end of the trip and I start reflecting about this trip and look forward to the next. Coming through Alexandria, there is the Masonic Temple, the most prominent structure.

Settining in for the remainder of the trip, I was reluctant to take pictures from the train. However, a delay coming into Raleigh gave me time to take this last picture:

I have interest in seeing a lot of things. I love skylines. I have alread shown some skylines. This trip, I did not take as many skyline pics. I do like public art. There are two forms of public. The first is those artworks that are in public own spaces.

The other form of public art are those pieces in private owned space which are open to the public or or visible to the public from public spaces.

Sometimes, art is how we place things, like this item at the Atlanta airport:

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