Saturday, May 20, 2017

Looking ahead, often means looking back.

Looking ahead, often means looking back. The Atlanta was an all public transportation trip, with no hotel stay. That means that I carry every thing I need and keep it with me. Therefore, I need to pack as light as possible. My next trip is an all road trip with a couple nights in a hotel. The most important thing to carry on any of my trips is camera and video camera. In reality, I have four cameras (including the video camera) I have two DSLR's. One is the older, with lower resolution, the other is better, and is my primary. Then there is my smart phone. Phone cameras are getting better and with only a bit of Photoshop, they do great. I Photoshop every pic. Several setting work to improve every pic.

For my Atlanta I only took my phone and camcorder. All was carried in my pocket and in a small backpack. For my next, I will take the SLR in addition to the camcorder and phone. I can carry more so I will pack more. Each excursion that I will chase will be short and I will get no more than two run by's each. I have been very selective. Some are short in sight line, while others are classic long views. When I edit video, it may not be in order of shooting.

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