Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Two Days and Counting

These last days begins the packing. All batteries are charged and extra batteries added, just in case. I have a 32gb memory card in the camcorder plus one, just in case. The big question is my use of a tripod. With my SLR, I never used a tripod. Most of my pics were taken in normal light with a fast film settings. I have hand held my camcorder most of the time. My current camcorder has shake reduction so I can handle it well. There are times when I have camera float, not shake. In long segments, this is more noticeable, particular in those that I start with a long period, that will be cut. The biggest question is the chase, taking the camera off the tripod, folding it, putting it in the car, and setting up again. I know that there are certain places where the tripod is good. A segment involving coming out of a tunnel (there will be one), or a long shot (there are a few). In both of these, set the tripod and wait, cut the dead air. I tried this yesterday and while waiting I read my phone.

Regardless of how much I plan there will be changes to my trip, made as I go. I made a decision to start a day early and go on Friday. I got to a motel, checked in and did so reconnoitering the runby sites. I found a site that I want to photo, and got my pics. I went to the first runby site. My original plan was to leave early Saturday morning and go to this site. I would be coming in from the south and locate myself at a good spot. I would than cross a bridge over the tracks and head north to the main highway to get to my other runby site.

Before I went by my first runby site, I went by a place that was a non railroad site of interest, I found while doing my street view:

In my first planning, I was to come home by way of here for the photos that I wanted. In this plan, I would approach my first runby by way of the south. After the runby, I would cross a bridge over the railroad and head for the main road leading west. In this check out, I came to the site from the north and the main road.

I now learned that the bridge was being rebuilt and now, was not there, so my first plan was not good. I found a good site with a good regress, for my chase (not hard, by the way). Now, the next morning and the chase is on.

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