Friday, November 19, 2010

Day Trip to Fayetteville or Selma?

I am now planning my daytrip to Fayetteville, NC or Selma, NC. Most of this visit willl be railfaning. I have been to both place more than once in the past. Some situational pictures of Fayettville are below.

The trip to Fayetteville begins at Aberdeen and roughly follows the Aberdeen and Rockfish. I all the trips to Fayetteville I have never seen The A&R in operation, but have seen them in the shops.

The alternative to this trip is Selma, NC. It is in Selma that Amtrak's Florida trains take different routes. On route goes through Raleigh. The other goes South through Fayettevills. In Selma I can than see twice as many trains. It would be a nice out and back train trip if it were not for the fact that the train I would take, does not stop there. However, these are some pictures taken on my last trip to Selma, NC

As I plan my activity On this trip, What do I take. I would love to do more video. Hand held video would be nice, however, even while shooting video I still want to take stills. Therefore, I need a tripod to hold the camcorder so I am hand free for the stills. This was one of the considerations when I went to Boston. At last minute I did not take my tripod. Carrying it would be hard if I were not in my car. There were a place or two where it might have been nice but carrying every place else would be a problem.

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