Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Selma, NC, part 2

Shortly after the arrival of the Palmetto, I was surprised by a Norfolk Southern Freight, eastbound. I caught it here on the diamond as it passes.
We railfans tend to gather as here. We were talking about the good spots to sspot trains when a southbound CSX freight was heard in the distance.
Having some time before the southbound Palmetto so I went to see what activity is in the Yard to the east. As I was photographing the engines, the head light began to blink, indicating that it was ready to head out. Unfortunately, I did not have either my camera or camcorder ready. I simply put the car in gear, letting the camera and camcorder come on as I drove. 10 blocks down the road I was ahead and ready to video the passing train.
Now to get into position for the Southbound Palmetto, due soon.

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