Saturday, November 27, 2010

Selma, NC, part 4

The Southbound Carolinian was a tad late and did not arrive until 4:20. After its passing, I drove by the NS yard to see if any activity. I drove to the other end and crossed the tracks and the best possible location to turn around (location B). When I did, I saw the headlights of an engine, way in the distance. For all I knew it was a local switching out cars and would take hours to get to me, if at all. I continue to the next crossing and still the lights were there. I continued to what I though might be the next crossing making guesswork truns. When I approached the next crossing (location C), The engines were crossing. You guessed it, the chase is on. Fortunately the highway parralled the tracks and the train was slowing down as it approached the yard. I got ahead by enough and took the video at location D. In all the perfect ending to a railfan's day off.
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