Friday, June 6, 2014

Planning Vacation, part 1

I planned out some good train watching, over the past years. These were done only as "projects'" something to do on boring evenings or when I got obsessed over watching. I have taken one as my plan for vacation. In laying out the original, I began with a location. In this case I am looking to Tennessee. I have created a list of railfan destinations so I go to that list and look up Tennessee. It contains list of shortlines, scenic railroads, Light rails, and monorails. In my interest I set aside shortlines as they are not a priority during vacation, maybe watched on a daytrip.
There are three locations that are good. First is Chattanooga where there is, of course, the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. Another place is the Lookout Mountain Incline Railway. I remember,when I first went to Chattagooga, back in the early eighties. I went, primarily to take a Southern Steam Excursion. I got there early, the day before and decided to explore and found myself at Lookout Mountain and the incline RR. It was too late to ride it, and I had the excursion the next day so I put off the mountain another day. The day came and the fog was all the way down to the base of the mountain, so I never did ride the incline but did get to see Ruby Falls and one Civil War site.
I remember all those barn roofs with the advertisement for Rock City and think that might be interesting. My interest, other than railroads, include scenery. I use to like Civil War sites but in my recent white man's guilt, I don't seek out civil war sites but see them as my might as well sites. That is, since I am in town I might as well look at a civil war site. From Chattanooga, my attention go the the next place on my list, Nashville. Nothing there except commuter rail. It would be a good overnight stop and it would give me the chance to video the commuter rail. A major highlight of this trip would be Memphis. It has one of the few hanging monorails in the country. Besides there is light rail, streetcars, and a few other places of interest.

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