Saturday, June 14, 2014

Planning Vacation, part 3

So! I have set start and now need to look at finish. A Google Map search, for directions from Memphis to home, takes me though Atlanta GA. From what I would like to see, as far as railroads are concerned, there is a people mover at the Atlanta Airport. We find that public transit also included MARTA. I label this form of rail as third rail. Like Metro in D.C. It is similar. When I began planning, I first learned of proposed streetcar, under construction (back in February). It was proposed for start up in May. This would be great, to watch and video fresh tracks.

Near Atlanta, is Stone Mountain Railroad, a scenic railroad around Stone Mountain. The railroad is pulled by diesel but still nice to view. Not only that, they have a cable car to the top of the mountain with a great view (I like scenic views) of Atlanta skyline (I love scenic views of skylines). The only drawback is their is a carved relief on the side of mountain of Southern Civil War generals and leaders. That bothers this old guilty white liberal southern man. It is partly in guilt over the whole notion of enslaving whites. To make matters worse, we had to fight a civil war to try to preserve such vial practice. And now to commemorate such and such.

On one hand, it is history not current events. I am too old to know the realities of slavery. However, it was my white ancestors that enslaved, abused, and profited off the flesh of others. The war was history. Another way to look at it is such monuments are monuments of reflection for the forgiveness of our sins. Bringing candles and offerings of penance for an ancestral life lived wrong. A place where we wow to never let that happen again, and to do all within our power to prevent it from happening. I look upon Memorial Day as a day of penance to mourn the sin of war and our unwitting or willing complicity. I had more I could say but will put aside that for now. South of Atlanta is the S.A.M. Shortline, another scenic railroad. Another place to stop to see the train.

Atlanta would have been good, if including Stone Mountain. However, Atlanta is a fairly close drive to Tamp, FL and a drive across northern Florida through Jacksonville before heading north to home. Tampa has a plane train to enjoy. Besides that, we can see street car action in town. Jacksonville has a monorail as public transportation.

Trying to update things, I learned that Orlando was beginning commuter rail in May.....WOW. Another new thing to see.

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