Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Planning Vacation, part 4

The entire trip would take 10 days, by my planning. If I deleted northern Florida, the trip would take only 7 days. However, I would miss one people mover, one streetcar, one commuter rail, and one monorail. You notice that I did not include Disney World, in my original plans. It was not really worth the time and money, for just the monorail. I am not a big amusement park person.

If I delete Nashville and Memphis, I only loose one streetcar, one monorail and one commuter rail. However, it will take 8 days. Nashville's commuter rail would be lost. As to Memphis, we have a lot, not just streetcars and monorail, However, we could add it to our out and back to Chicago, later. Of course, I may never take that trip, but it could be hoped for.

So! my original Tennessee trip plus two scenic railroads, turns out to omit all of Tennessee except for Chattanooga. I can live with that. So the new trip plan includes Chattanooga, Atlanta (including Stone Mountain), and coming across Florida. One other thing, a stop around, Savanna, GA would break up the trip, nicely.That will give me a chance to see their River Street Streetcar.

Now that I have my plan, I did look ahead to see about souvenirs. In my discussion of them, I collect on trips a mug for each attraction, city in which I explored, and state that I visited. I don't collect one in states that I just pass through or cities that I just watch trains, for the most part. However, if it was more than just train watching or passing through than, of course, I will get one. For train related attractions, such as scenic railroads, railroad museums I will get a patch for my excursion shirt and one for my display. For parks and some museums, I will get a patch just for the display. The one attraction that is difficult to decide is incline railways. I would call it a mug occasion but also a patch occasion. They are railways, but not museum oriented, unless preserved. When in Pittsburgh, last year, at the top of Duquesne Incline, there was a gift shop which had mugs but not patches. I chose the mug but found a patch on EBay. For future use I have urges on both. A patch would be best but in reality is a basic attraction. I have decided to make it a patch occasion. A mug might be gotten as an extra.

Just for fun and interest, I looked at the potential sties and looked at which I might get where. Remember, all this is just a project, projecting potential and when reality hits, I will make last minute changes.

 Shirt   Stretcher   Mug 
Great Smoky Mountains Railroad, Scenic Railroad, NC yes yes  
Georgia     yes
Blue Ridge Scenic Railway, Scenic Railroad, GA yes yes  
Tennessee     yes
Chattanooga, TN      yes
Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, TN      yes
Incline Railway, Chattanooga, TN    yes  
Chattanooga Choo Choo, Chattanooga, TN    yes  
Battles For Chattanooga Museum, Chattanooga, TN   yes  
Tennessee Valley Railroad, Chattanooga, TN    yes  
Point Park, Chattanooga, TN    yes  
Rock City Gardens, Chattanooga, TN      yes
Ruby Falls, Chattanooga, TN        yes 
Atlanta, GA     yes
Stone Mountain, GA   yes  
Stone Mountain Scenic RR, GA yes yes  
S.A.M. Shortline, GA yes yes  
Florida     yes
Savanna, GA     yes
Vacation is planned, dates to be announced afterward to protect myself, as you might see.

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