Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Planning Vacation, part 2

So! I will drive across TN as my vacation, I emphasis, for the most part, will be the watching of trains: one commuter Rail, one set of light rail, one incline, and one museum. Of course, there are sites not associated with railroads. My next step is to set up getting there and getting home. In looking at Google Maps and laying out my trip to Chattanooga, My first look, add 10 minutes to the trip, I end up going past Bryson City. Bryson City is the home of the Great Smokey Mountain Scenic Railroad. From Bryson City to Chattanooga we could swing by Blue Ridge and the Blue Ridge Scenic Railroad, an addition of only 30 minutes to the travel.

When it comes to scenic railroads, I have mixed feelings. I do love to see them and video and photograph them. When it comes to riding, I have the questions. Steam excursions are one thing. I will ride behind steam. Railfan excursions are another. The become fun because of the mutual interest of the riders as well as the occasional photo runby, along the tracks. My favorite is the Cass Scenic Railroad Railfan Weekend, every April. They had three days of riding with the Shays and four or five runbys on each trip. Besides these, they had a night photo session.

When it comes to Diesels, I am particular. Unless there is something photogenic, I am not prone to take the time to ride, but will chase, if I can. These two scenic railroads would fit into this last category. In looking at both, The trip to Chattanooga plus the bypass to see both the Blue Ridge and Great Smokey Mountain Scenic Railroads, would only be one day longer than the travel from home to Chattanooga, alone.

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