Monday, May 9, 2016

New York City

One destination, not laid out is New York. NYC is such a large place and to plan a vacation is more difficult. My first experience with the city was when I took my first New England vacation more than 40 years ago. My sister lived on Roosevelt Island and a visit was in order. I took the train from Providence, Rhode Island. My uncle and aunt lived there so a visit there was good and a good place to take the train into NYC. It wasn't much of a railfan visit but just touring. I took a tour boat around the Island. I made to Wall Street but not lower.

A few years ago. I began to lay out my train chases and thought about watching trains around NYC. I was planning a vacation to see my sister in MN. I thought that it might be fun to take the train to Newark, NJ and fly out of there, preceded by one day of train watching and ended by one day of train watching.

Day one included a run to Harrison station on the N.J.T. I set up in a parking garage, for the elevation as well as not being so noticed. Than I took P.A.T.H. to Jersey City and watched the light rail. I came back to Hoboken and cross the river via P.A.T.H., walked to Penn Station and took the Long Island RR to Jamaica and the JFK sky train to the airport. Back to Newark via the L.I.R.R. with transfer for the N.J.T. On returning from MN, I went to Trenton and north of the Amtrak station in Newark to watch light rail.

In all these, I did not get to Staten Island for the S.I.R.R. That came this last summer. I took the ferry over to lower Manhattan and toured. Before that I crossed the Hudson at Terrytown, where I watched Hudson River trains. In all my expedience in and around Manhattan, I never did much touring of the Island. In looking at my research, there are many sites that would be nice to see. A unique attraction in High Line Park, an old elevated railroad, now abandoned and turned into a urban park. Than there are the typical attractions such as the new Trade Center (back on my first visit I got to go the observation deck of the old World Trade Center). There are many others. I would make a great daytrip.

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