Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Pictures, part 3

I did not begin model railroading until I got to college. I began scratch building very early because of the too few attractive models at the local hobby shop but an abundance of material for building from scratch. It was at this time that I bought the first of 4 SLRs. The first was an all manual, 35 mm film camera. It did have the exposure meter in the lens. Several years later I bought my second, 35 mm SLR, this time it was automatic with manual override. In the years of film, I took thousand of slide. The duplication of subjects and locations, led me to begin to discard the least quality. By the 2000,s digital had become more afordable. And I had over 3,000 slides and even more negatives, color and black and white.

My first digital was a cheap point and shoot model. Soon I got my first digital SLR. Shortly afterwards, I needed a scanner. I found a nice scanner with a slide head. I than began to put all my slides and prints on my computer. All new pictures were taken digitally.

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