Sunday, May 22, 2016

Pictures, part 2

My first real camera came early. It was a plastic Kodak Brownie. I don't have pictures taken by because I was young. Also, I made one drastic mistake, early on. I left the camera in the rear window of the car, on a hot sunny day. The plastic melted and there when one childhood possession, my first camera.

Later, shortly after high school, I did acquire a Polaroid, Swinger. A cheaper, simpler, Polaroid, self developing camera. The pictures were small, not very good resolution, and I lost most of my pictures. It seem, I had this idea that my pictures, like my journal, might record things for future use when such things did not exist. (I forgot about museum collection, etc.) I only saved a few, pictures, around Williamsburg and for my journal.

It, like so many things, got push aside and forgotten. It was not until the end of my second year of college that I got my first SLR. Which became a fixture, on my days off and vacations.

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