Friday, May 13, 2016

Pictures, part 1

I personal travel log includes many many pictures. Across the years, they have run the gambit. In the early years of travel with the family of origin, I collected postcards, as my main picture taking. At one point I got a simple film camera which lasted about two months. I eventually got my first SLR and picture taking became photography. Finally, I have had a variety of digital cameras, including the one in my phone. Which leads to the new equivalent of postcard: the emailed/texted selfie.

Postcards were a great way of getting pictures as you traveled. The photography was better than anything I could do. It was amazing the locations and scenes that the cards would cover. They were taken from locations that we could rarely be. Besides, they were relative cheap. You could even get free postcards of the motel/hotel that you stayed the night in. And what better way of making your friends, at home, envious of your trip, than to send a postcard from some exotic location. OK, they were a good, quick, cheaper way of keeping in touch. Remember when they were five cents each or 6 for a quarter. You could mail them for 4 cents when a letter cost 5 cents. (yes, I am telling my age.)

Some Postcard from My Collection

No. 004, Luray Caverns, 1966
No. 005, Luray Caverns, 1966
No. 006, Alamo Plaza, Charlotte, NC, 1966
No. 007, Charlotte, NC, 1966
No. 008, Charlotte, NC, 1966
No. 015, Morehead Planetarium, Durham, NC, 1966
No. 016, Morehead Planetarium, Durham, NC, 1966
No. 009, Golf Ranch Motel, 1966
No. 012, USS North Carolina, 1966
No. 013, USS North Carolina, 1966
No. 021, Pirateland, Myrtle Beach, 1966
No. 022, Pirateland, Myrtle Beach, 1966
No. 023, Pirateland, Myrtle Beach, 1966
Recently, I got my cards from my parents basement and reorganized them. I numbered them and scanned them into a jpg. than I re-boxed them more appropriately.

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