Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Out and Back, part 1

I have taken a number of out and back, train trips. Sometimes these are excursions, just to enjoy a train ride up a river, during fall foliage changes. I took a number of these during the peak of steam excursions under the Southern Railroad banner and briefly under the Norfolk Southern Banner. Beyond the excursions, I have taken many out and back trips, either for fun or to get somewhere. Getting somewhere are not the type of trip I am thinking about here. There the train ride gets you there for some other purpose. The regular out and back is for the ride itself. Any thing done at the end of the line is bonus. One of the first out and backs that I did was the take the Southern Crescent between Washington and Atlanta, when it still ran under Southern colors.It was rainy after arrival so my pictures did not turn out so well I made my way to Washington to board the train and spent the day waiting for the return trip.

Peachtree Street Station still had its old glory.

And DC union had not been restored. I showed it former glory but a leaky roof and much wear.

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