Friday, April 8, 2011

Out and Back, part 2

I started this blog with my story about an out and back to Springfield Mass. to take pictures of the (then new) SPV2000. This took two visits as I arrived in New Haven, Conn. about 24 hours too early. Those two trips were the highlights of my railfanning life. The first trip resulted in pictures of the active RDCs running the New Haven to Spring line.


The next year's trip focused on the SPV2000.

During both trips, I took picture of the Metro-north trains

One final note: the route was electrified from Washington, DC to New Haven. The electrification did not extend into Boston. All through trains would have to stop and have motive power changed. southbound would change from diesel to electric while northbound would change from electric to diesel. These were the days of the f40ph's as the primary diesel on Amtrak trains.

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