Sunday, April 10, 2011

Out and back, part 3

These last post is simply lead up to the present. I want to do an out and back trip, this spring. A simple day trip would be nice. I would start any trip in neither Hamlet Charlotte, NC, or Fayetteville, NC. Looking at the Amtrak schedule, Hamlet is still the best choice. The next decisions will be what is the destination. Southern Pines is simply too short of a trip. Besides, that long of a stay before the tun around would be boring. T he next stop on this out and back might be Raleigh. That is a beautiful town and the Amtrak station is relatively convenient to much. As far as trains to view there would be 5 with a long turn around time. There is always the chance to see Norfolk Southern pass through town. Selma would be the perfect place for the turn around except for on thing. The Silver Star does not stop there. The next place north would be Rocky Mount. Still, there would be a long turn around and only CSX. I get enough of that at home. We than enter VA with the first stop at Petersburg or Richmond. Both would be nice, but lacking in a good place to view trains and very little else. I know Richmond as I live only minutes from the Staples Mill Station and could walk it if less than 15. There are two shopping centers near by. The problem is that there is not a good platform to view trains from within a comfortable walking distance. So much for a one day, out and back.

Over night trips would expand the possibilities and put me on the Northeast Corridor. Between Washington and NY, there are a half dozen good stops for train and other watching, all without a major layover. With a layover in Washington or New York, I am in a good trip, the skies the limit. Although, for a single night out, NYC is the limit.

The typical out and back involves mainly the train trip. The turnaround point should have some interest. The turnaround might be a good place to watch other trains. I am more into shortline railroads, unless it is beyond my usual stuff, mostly CSX and NS. Short lines became big when the Class's became too big. I have become more interested in what I call traction. In my model railroad days, traction was mainly trolley cars. I use that term for any train or car that runs on its own power. I will include subways, light rail, metroliner, and RDCs

Let's look at the NE Corridor for a bit. I did the Boston thing. Five types of traction on four independent subway lines. In addition there was the commuter rail. Not to forget Amtrak. Twas done and done. However, there were a few shortlines for me to go back and see.

New Haven use to be good, especially if I added the New Haven to Springfield line. No local stuff but a lot of commuter and Amtrak. We have too much to name, coming out of NYC and some that would take weeks to see, so I would save that.Now for the the Washington to NYC corrider, a vacattion in itself but could be done in a number of out and backs. I will, however, save that for a future post. So, I will pick that up later.

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