Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Out and Back, Part 4

Coming olut of NYC through New Jersey we have the New Jersey comuter rail as well as Philadelphis. In addtion there is the subways in the cities. New Jersy transit has many light rail lines such as the River line, Hudson Bergen lineBaltimore Light Rail, and teh Newark Light Rail, Newark Light Rail, Pennsylvania has its commuter rail along with subway and trolley line. Baltimore has its Commuter rail orininating in Washington. It also has a light rail systen. Now we come to Washiungton DC. My first impression would say that what is has, I have pictures from previous visits. However, since that visit Northern Virginia has instituted the Virginia Rail Express. The DC Metro was new when I first took picture of it. Maryland's commuter rail is also in my collection.

So this first out and back might include an out and back with an overnight stay in DC. I said that I had pictures of the Metro, but only stills. It would be nice to take video.

Much of the NEC motive power is in photographs. I have picture of the old Metroliner service, started under Penn Central and inherited by Amtrak and finally replaced by Accela.

I even have pictures of the older GG1's.

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