Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another Day Trip

Not all trips are train oriented, at least in their entirety. Trains can be side line at the least or can be the whole reason. I am a notorious multi-tasker, from way back. I took a run up the highway to Greensboro, NC. Trains was a central part of the trip. I described, in my last post, seeing the Aberdeen Carolina Western, at Candor, while in route. I arrived after lunch and in time for the Piedmont's schedule arrival, at 1:23. I had my location in my mind. I chose a place across the track from the old downtown Southern station. it is the driveway of a downtown apartment complex. I don't park in the complex but on the street, near the entrance of the complex. I do watch from the complex, and have to stick my camera through a fence. It is a very safe place to watch trains.

I arrived about 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled arrival of the Southbound. location that was good for the northbound but not for the southbound. I heard the horn of the northbound whatever, in the distance.There are a lot of track, in addition to the station track. and a railroad crossing within ear shoot. This means that, not only can I hear the horn, I can heard the crossing warning. That give me time to get the camera on and pointed, in any direction.

My first opportunity was a NS mixed freight, less than 5 minutes ahead of the Piedmont's scheduled arrival. There was that quick thought that it might mess up my ability to video the Piedmont when it came.

Now for the first scheduled show, the Piedmont 75, southbound from Raleigh. I got into a position to video. I checked out the on time status though my smartphone. It was almost 30 minutes late. While waiting I found an even better location. The problem was that I had to video though a fence, but the fence had ivy growing on it which limited my picture taking. I did get this video:

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