Friday, November 4, 2011

The Great American Train Chase and Scavenger Hunt, perspectus

I call this The Great American Train Chase, when it was first conceived. It soon expanded to the Great American Train Chase and Scavenger Hunt. There was a element of real scavenger hunt attached, perhaps get a post card or souvenir. In this new format the Scavenger Hunt would be the collecting of pictures and video. I have laid out the itinerary in 4 columns. Column 1 would be passenger and commuter rail that touches on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor:
Col. 1
a. Virginia Railway Express.
b. M.A.R.C. Commuter Rail
c. M.T.A. Light Rail
d. S.E.P.T.A. Commuter Rail
e. Philadelphia Trolley
f. River Line
g. N.J.T. Commuter Rail
h. Newark Airport Air Train
i. Newark Light Rail
j. P.A.T.H
k. Long Island Railroad
l. Metro North Commuter Rail
m. Shoreline East Commuter Rail
n. M.B.T.A. Commuter Rail
Column 2 are those not touching the corridor, directly, but within a stop or two from the NEC.
Col. 2
a. P.A.T.C.O
b. Norristown High Speed Line
c. Trolley Route 101, 102 and 15
d. J.F.K. Air Train
e. Staten Island Railroad
f. Hudson-Bergen Light Rail
g. M.B.T.A. North Station Commuter Rail
h. Boston, North Station, Amtrak
i. Boston M.B.T.A. Green line
j. Mattapan High Speed Line
Col. 3 are other railfan locations.
a. Hudson Line, Metro North Commuter Rail
b. Union Station, Washington DC
c. Broad Street Station, Newark
d. Hobokon Terminal
e. Atlantic Terminal, Jamaica
f. DC Metro
g. B&O Museum
There could be a Col. 4, just vacation stops while railfanning. Finally it might make a great game show with each team given what they were to see and ride within a given space of time. It could not be any worse than the Greatest Race. On the other hand, this could be the elements of 1 to 3 day out and back trips.

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