Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Great American Train Chase, second edition

A while back I did the post of The Great American Train Chase. It is an old idea from the 1970's. It was based on the dream of going coast to coast and all over, by train, particular Amtrak. I would see how many trains I could take in a given space of time. I expanded it into a reality game, possibility. It could focus attention on how good Amtrak was and could be. With the advent of current reality game shows, it might work for TV.

Since I got home from California, I began planning another trip. I mentioned earlier an out and back which never was taken. Here I expanded it to a train watching excursion of the Northeast Corridor. Counting up the possibilities, there is, of course, Amtrak. Various services and trains. Then there is the 8 commuter rails and more than a dozen light rail and subways. There would be two sky trains added into this mix. All this would make a hectic and fascinating train watching experience.

So the Great American Train Chase might evolves into a form closer to what the original name implied. Instead of riding it would be a trip of watching and photographing. It might be a railfanning of a particular region with the winner coming back with the most film taken or the most variety of train watched. Let's pretend it becomes the next great reality show.....The Great American Train Chase with me, your host as we railfan.

All this after planning my railfaning of the NEC. BTW, my plan would take around 9 days. Of course I might only spend watching for an hour in a location before moving on. Most of the focus would be on the commuter rail and light rail. Of course, like any good railfan, I would never turn down an Amtrak. How would this game work? Over the next post, I will examine the possibilities.

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